The counselors at New Leaf Integrative Wellness Center are committed to each of their clients. We will work with you on creating an individualized treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Our services offered include:

Individual Therapy 

Individual counseling  is a process in which you work one-on-one with a trained professional.  Here you can explore your feelings, beliefs and behaviors in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

Children & Adolescents Therapy

The therapists at New Leaf Integrative Wellness Center specialize in treating children and adolescents.  Individual counseling with children is a unique process in which we use Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Sand Tray and EMDR to name a few modalities.  Parent involvement is critical in the process of working with children.

Child & Family Therapy

Our therapists work with families on many different levels. We provide families the opportunity to improve communication and resolve conflicts within the families unique social system, structure and patterns of communication.

Group Therapy

Currently we are offering an 8 week Early Child Development Group.  The structure of this group gives children the opportunity to learn and practice the social skills needed for healthy relationships with themselves, peers and their families.  Our Early Child Development Group is designed to help children in Pre-K through 1st grade (ages 4-7).  This group is geared towards children who are socially withdrawn, impulsive, or if parents have concerns regarding their social skills.

We also offer a New Leaf Teen Support Group. This 8-week psychoeducational support group is for adolescent girls, ages 13-17 and is designed to cover healthy relationships, social media, anxiety and depression, managing academic stress, improving self-esteem and learning positive coping skills.

Parent Workshops

In addition to our Group Therapy offerings, we teach parenting skills and techniques that provide support and promote increased confidence in understanding  developmental stages, appropriate expectations and parenting strategies for families.  Here you will have an opportunity to practice learned skills, reflective listening, open communication, choices and limit setting with effective consequences.  These training’s and workshops focus on Positive Communication Strategies.

Confidential Online Therapy

We offer online counseling from the comfort of your home. It’s convenient, safe and effective.


For more information regarding our services or groups, please contact us.