Our Team

Vanessa Mills, M.Ed., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Director

I am passionate about my work and am dedicated to the success of each of my clients. I admire those who seek help during difficult times in their life despite it seeming easier to give up. It’s important for you to know that my goal is to develop a strong therapeutic relationship where you feel supported and empowered to get through the difficult times. In my work and in my personal life, you will find I am compassionate, empathetic and supportive. I am client-centered and offer a safe, trusting and non- judgmental environment.

The areas of treatment I choose to focus on are: anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, family relational problems, parenting support and trauma related to physical or sexual abuse. I embrace a holistic approach to treating each individual. This means, I believe in treating the whole person by creating individualized treatment plans integrating, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and alternative therapies such as EMDR and neurofeedback.


Christine “CC” White, M.Ed., LAC
Licensed Associate Counselor

Often times when someone reaches out for counseling, they are looking to find new strategies, to become more successful, fulfilled and grounded in themselves, their relationships, and overall life. My therapeutic style is solution focused and strength based. This allows me to pull from your strengths and resources, working through negative past experiences, patterns and frustrations, leading and preparing you in the direction of positive change and success for years to come.

My clientele often includes individuals, children and families. My areas of treatment include anxiety, depression, transitions, family relational problems and emotional stress. I specialize in child-centered play therapy, with filial components, solving many family struggles of anger, behavior concerns, communication and relationships challenges. My passion and excitement for counseling has allowed me to see great successes in my clients, their ability to leave treatment with skills, techniques and resources that catapult them to their next level is captivating.

Working in the therapeutic arena for over 15 years, has allowed me to present at conferences, facilitate training’s, consult with numerous private & public schools, speak at universities, lead early childhood social skills groups and countless workshops and training’s for parents and families – all in the name of increasing positive communication between children and those in their lives. I am excited to bring my knowledge, insight and expertise to New Leaf Integrative Wellness Center! Working with individuals, families and schools, struggling to find the balance of expectations, limit setting, learning and love.


Celeste McBirnie,MSC, LAC
Licensed Associate Counselor

I am passionate and dedicated to helping others increase their quality of life and overall well-being. Providing a safe, warm, and accepting environment where you are able to process your feelings and experiences, I invite you to share with me the reasons why you are exploring the idea to seek help. My priority will be to develop a trusting and genuine therapeutic relationship that will lead us to promote individual healing and growth. Working by your side, we will uncover the individual areas of your life that are troubling you and find solutions to the struggles presented.

I work with parents, children, families, and adults of all ages, through and eclectic approach focused on empathy, unconditional positive regard, and honesty. My goal is to provide the highest level of counseling services and provide the necessary tools to uncover and empower the individual strengths that will lead you to live a happy and healing life. Committed to your progress and healing, together we can achieve what might seem unattainable.