Our Team

Vanessa Mills, M.Ed., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

I am passionate about my work and am dedicated to the success of each of my clients. I admire those who seek help during difficult times in their life despite it seeming easier to give up. It’s important for you to know that my goal is to develop a strong therapeutic relationship where you feel supported and empowered to get through the difficult times. In my work and in my personal life, you will find I am compassionate, empathetic, and supportive. I am client-centered and offer a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental environment.

The areas of treatment I choose to focus on are: anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, family relational problems, parenting support, and trauma-related to physical or sexual abuse. I embrace a holistic approach to treating each individual. This means I believe in treating the whole person by creating individualized treatment plans integrating, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, and alternative therapies such as EMDR and neurofeedback.


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